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Massage is one of the oldest and simplest forms of therapy.  It involves the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body - muscles, tendons, ligaments - to help relieve pain, speed the healing of specific injuries, relax and tone.  


Specific techniques are used to release muscle tension, break down adhesions (those 'knots' we all have), and free up stiff joints, helping to increase mobility and flexibility and restore normal movement.


Massage can ease muscle and joint pain, whether caused by a sports injury, over-enthusiastic gardening or DIY, hours spent hunched over a computer or behind the wheel of a car, or postural imbalances.


Massage also works on the nervous system and can promote a feeling of calm and deep relaxation, helping to relieve stress and anxiety.


You can find out more by taking a look at these interesting research findings about massage.

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About Massage

Remedial Massage and Bodywork Therapist Sally Allen offers treatments for people of all ages and lifestyles, helping them to achieve greater ease and flexibility of movement.  Based in peaceful surroundings at the foot of Bredon Hill  near Pershore, Worcs.  


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