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Remedial Massage & Bodywork

Sally Allen MFHT, CNHC

Treating muscular pain & injuries

Aiding postural aligment & flexibility

Covid-19 update

The following changes have been made to ensure that your treatment is as safe and effective as possible.  Please familiarise yourself with them so that you know what to expect.....



Prior to your appointment


When you make your appointment, I will send you a health-screening/consent form to fill out and return.

This will need to be completed at least 24 hours prior to each appointment.  


I will contact you by phone or video link to update your medical history and carry out an initial assessment.

This will allow me to prepare for your treatment and maximise the time spent ‘hands-on’ - in order to reduce the risk of infection, face-to-face sessions will not exceed 60 minutes at present.



Your appointment


When you attend for your appointment, please:


  • Leave any unnecessary personal belongings (coat, bag etc.) either at home or in your car.


  • Remove any jewellery before your appointment.


  • Wear a face covering/mask - your own freshly laundered face covering or disposable mask is fine.  I can provide you with a medical grade disposable mask at a cost of £1 if you prefer.


  • Sanitise your hands on arrival and again before leaving with the sanitiser provided.  Please do NOT wear gloves.


  • Bring your own water bottle if required.


  • Cover any grazes/scratches/cuts with a waterproof plaster.


  • Remove your shoes at the front door as usual.


  • Place your clothing in the container provided.


I will be wearing a face shield and mask throughout the session, as well as gloves for the treatment itself if you prefer.


Toilet facilities will be available if required but please try and minimise the need for a visit by going before you leave home!


Finally, whilst I’m looking forward to catching up with you, research has shown that there is an enhanced risk of transmitting the virus whilst speaking, so we will both need to limit any conversation in the room to talking about the treatment itself.



Rescheduling and Aftercare


I will arrange your next appointment via e-mail/text/phone.


Any recommendations for self-care exercises will also be provided remotely after your appointment.





The cost of an initial appointment is £62.

Follow-on treatments are £52.    


Preferred method of payment is by bank transfer before or on the day of your appointment - please contact me for my bank details.  


I will still accept payment by cheque/cash if you do not bank online.  If paying by cash, please place the exact amount in an envelope; cheques should be written out in advance.  


I am unable to process card payments.





If you need to cancel your appointment for health reasons, there will of course be no charge.


I reserve the right to charge for other cancellations without 24 hours notice.